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Echtra Cabin is located on the west side of Whitefish Mountain Resort with easy access to skiing and biking alike (with seasonal chairlift service). When accessing the mountain, you have several choices when hitting the trails or slopes.

  1. My personal favorite is to walk out the front door, walk up the driveway and walk about 300 yards up the hill to "Home Again." You will see the ski bridge where the blue and purple lines converge on the map below.
  2. Walk out the front door, cross the street and jump on the Elk Highlands Ski Way (Blue Line). The trail winds around and leads to the Elk Highlands Chair Lift. Tip: If the ski way has not been groomed, the top part is slow and may require some pushing or skating. Also, after you get on the Elk Highlands Chair, DO NOT get off at the first unloading point. Ride it to the bottom and get off on Home Again. There are two unloading spots total.
  3. Call the Whitefish Mountain Resort Snow Bus. The phone number and instructions are located by the Echtra phone in the kitchen.

*Additional Tips:

  • Keep up your speed on "Home Again" if you don't want to push or skate. You can make it to the Base Lodge without stopping.
  • The Elk Highlands Ski Way is suppose to be groomed after every snowfall. If it's not, please email us at [email protected] and we will immediately report it. We want your stay to be relaxing and the amenities convenient.
  • You can get back to Echtra Cabin from the top of Chairs 1, 2, 3, 7 and 8 (some chairs not pictured). "Home Again" is considered a "Green" or beginner run so anybody who skis or bikes can access Echtra Cabin from the mountain. For a detailed map of the mountain, click HERE.